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I dont like the idea of having to know something last, when I used to be one of the first to know the infinitesimal matters of my friends life. Guess everyone has outgrown me

Merry X'mas Eve!!!
Waking up early to bake some cupcakes for everyone WHETHER THEY LIKE IT OR NOT. :> I'm gonna feed all my friends till they gain >5kg. Food is too good to resist, i'm gonna stop caring if ah lians have hotter legs than me, its absurd. 

Guess who jumped up the sofa!!

heeeeheeehee. My eyes always look so small (relatively small la ok) in the morning. I hate my hugeass eyes and eyebags, im not conscious but ppl make me conscious abt it. Not like we can choose how we wna look like right, DEAL WITH IT. 

Excited for this weeeek! gonna spend time with everyone that i love. Even if i doubt the person that i secretly still think of will even wish me merry xmas, sigh hahaha. 

So bored
Accepted Monash's offer yesterday. Gosh, Caulfield campus is lika dead town (from Google Map) not funny liao lor... Looking for accommodations now, I guess im not as brave as i thought i would be, this is no joke man. 3 years living by myself, new friends, no family.


Photobooth is currently the only thing that makes me LOL @ myself. BTW this is the mirror effect, how cooool.

I have a really close friend in Cj. I would tell her everything that happened, but somehow she would manage to spill the beans and let the whole world know about my secret. This aint cool. But idk why i'll continue to tell her about my secrets. Had a HTHT with her last night, i miss that bitch. But i guess she has officially become everyone's good friend that it seems so hard for me to talk to her nowadays. Feel quite D: 

I think im really sister-deprieved. I always find myself frantically looking for someone to hear me out. *desperate gal* 


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